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in United States is the market leader in providing online auction services for over 3,000 law enforcement agencies, municipalities and other organizations. Offering online auction services to law enforcement agencies since 1999, they have handled most everything in the property & evidence room, except Firearms…until now. They have partnered with’s to offer the auction services of seized, forfeited and unclaimed Firearms to’s law enforcement clients. handles the processing services and listing of auctions for Through this innovative solution, is able to send back proceeds, as per the jurisdiction’s requirements, that can directly support their law enforcement agency clients’ support of public safety as the proceeds from these auctions are being used to purchase products like wearable body cameras, tactical gear and more and/or be used for improvements in the community like road improvements, which in turn leads to lower taxes.
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| Date: Sep. 22, 2016 18:08:32 | Type: Auction Sale | From: neudav (3) | Auction ID: 4794788
Much nicer than described. Took 4 days from purchase until it was in my hands. Outstanding customer service.
| Date: Sep. 21, 2016 21:05:48 | Type: Auction Sale | From: mfleishans (-1) | Auction ID: 5293689
how do I pay ?
| Date: Sep. 20, 2016 17:42:59 | Type: Auction Sale | From: joseywales (1) | Auction ID: 5091482
Great People to work with. Fast shipping and advertising is correct and straight forward. Thanks will buy again.
| Date: Sep. 18, 2016 19:10:35 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Shotgunner 24 (34) | Auction ID: 5103624
Highly recommended!.!
| Date: Sep. 18, 2016 19:07:39 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Shotgunner 24 (34) | Auction ID: 5127904
Great cause. I am glad to support. I recommend!
| Date: Sep. 18, 2016 19:03:49 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Shotgunner 24 (34) | Auction ID: 5127916
Great seller. I recommend!!
| Date: Sep. 17, 2016 23:56:11 | Type: Auction Sale | From: jacoblage (3) | Auction ID: 5103619
Recently won an auction on what was put up as a Remington 770, 7mm. It turned out to be a 7mm-08. I understand it did tell me that it was at 60%. It however did not tell me that the barrel was rusting, the scope is scratched and the bolt ejector does not work. Some of these things should be put on the description tab of the gun. The price of the gun was great and the contact about the gun was fast also.
| Date: Sep. 17, 2016 21:21:32 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Jarhead4 (3) | Auction ID: 5164462
This was an excellent purchase. Thank you for putting it up for auction.
| Date: Sep. 16, 2016 23:34:54 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Grubb (43) | Auction ID: 5213320
Great service from Property Room, just picked up my gun from my FFL, gotta go shooting. Thanks
| Date: Sep. 14, 2016 11:48:47 | Type: Auction Sale | From: QuickDrawMcGraw (122) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 5006704
This old revolver has seen hard times. She was in rougher shape than I originally thought. Had a bent cylinder shaft, finally got that squared away. Cylinder lock up is sloppy. Unlike most I've purchased thru E-gunner, this one was worse than advertised. I should have examined it more closely. I'm most grateful this isn't my first purchase, as it would have probably been my last. I guess everyone is entitled to a lemon now & again. Time now for some lemonade.
| Date: Sep. 14, 2016 11:35:29 | Type: Auction Sale | From: QuickDrawMcGraw (122) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 5127913
While the external surfaces of this barrel are in fair shape; The bore of this barrel is in poor condition. Severe rust & pitting throughout. I doubt it would shoot very well or consistent. Afraid it would load up with lead fouling build up if I tried to shoot it. I was not able to inspect & refuse it prior to shipping as it was drop shipped directly to my home. It really wasn't worth the shipping cost, much less the sales price. I won't be buying things like this sight unseen again. The most frustrating thing is I was coming to Bud's in Lex. to pick up some other items I had purchased as well. But they said they were not allowed to send it to the store. Doesn't make sense to me, but it's my fault if I allow it to happen again.
| Date: Sep. 12, 2016 17:57:03 | Type: Auction Sale | From: AskDrLuis (1) | Auction ID: 4853024
Thank you! I am happy with my purchase. As advertised.
| Date: Sep. 10, 2016 19:06:52 | Type: Auction Sale | From: jeremy5246 (1) | Auction ID: 5042980
Process of paying, shipping, and receiving rifle was seemless. I really liked paying through buds. The rifle was rougher than I expected. But this was only my 2nd purchase of a used firearm, and i got it for 100 bucks before ffl fees my expectation might have been alittle to high. With all that said I would purchase again from this seller if something catches my eye.
| Date: Sep. 09, 2016 03:15:01 | Type: Auction Sale | From: toxicshock (1) | Auction ID: 5042973
Have yet to fire but gun was in better condition than described. Will buy again.
| Date: Sep. 08, 2016 08:35:47 | Type: Auction Sale | From: revin425 (1) | Auction ID: 4673357
Received this revolver in good time. This was in better condition than it appeared in the listing. After a thorough cleaning it looks great. Functions perfectly. I am very happy with this revolver and very please with the seller
| Date: Sep. 04, 2016 16:40:36 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Lakedweller (1) | Auction ID: 3799267
The product was exactly as described, was delivered quickly and was packaged very well. What more can you ask for? Thanks PropertyRoom.
| Date: Sep. 02, 2016 09:50:03 | Type: Auction Sale | From: timothy1959 (14) Verified Bidder | Auction ID: 5006703
excellent and smooth as always! Thanks!
| Date: Sep. 01, 2016 17:34:20 | Type: Auction Sale | From: krag3040 (3) | Auction ID: 4994842
as described
| Date: Sep. 01, 2016 00:19:30 | Type: Auction Sale | From: Grubb (43) | Auction ID: 5006705
Great service, picked up the pistol yesterday from my FFL, and spent the evening cleaning it up. Took it to the range today, it shoots great. Love this gun, thank you.
| Date: Aug. 31, 2016 19:53:46 | Type: Auction Sale | From: DocSmith (51) | Auction ID: 3322645
This little gun is going to clean up nice. It will likely become my every day carry. Very pleased to have won it at a reasonable price.
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